BitTorrent EZ Booster

BitTorrent EZ Booster Version 2.9.0 Free

Speed up your BitTorrent downloads with the BitTorrent EZ Booster program.

BitTorrent EZ Booster is an add-on that is used in conjunction with the BitTorrent P2P software application, a file sharing program that uses torrents as a base for all file formats. It is easy to use with a simple interface and can greatly improve the BitTorrent software.
BitTorrent EZ Booster is a simple software application and it does not come with any adverts or other hidden nasties. It is also complete free to download. It can also resume downloads that have been paused; clear any erroneous or partially downloaded and corrupted files; and automatically hang up when all information has been transferred and the download if 100% complete.
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